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Secretary:  Student Council
Official:  Intramurals 91-92
Member:  Societa dell Allegria

"If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be corrected."
     Versatility…that is Popo! He’s been into almost everything in school...a stint in the basketball team...a mainstay of 420’s Top Ten....he’s the Student Council secretary. A really handsome guy, girls swoon over him. But level­headed Popo doesn’t make his emotions get the better of him. Besides, he professes to be a one-woman man, a rarity in this new generation. Our hero loves listening to disco, jazz and rock music, as well as, love songs.  Romantic Popo knows only 2 dance steps: the sweet and the very sweet.  He admits he’s makulit, galawgaw, cute and simply irresistible. He wishes to give you, guys, an advice: “Keep smiling, dude!”