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President:  Class 420
Writer:  Memoirs ‘92
P.R.O.:  Inventors’ Club; Member: Societa del Allegria

"Let your life be like arithmetic: joys added, sorrows subtracted, friends multiplied, and love undivided."
     El Presidente runs 420 with an iron hand. A born leader, he’s capable of handling out-of-hand situations in class. A real idealist...if given a good break, he can be just like Einstein. (Haven’t you noticed their close resemblance? Joke only.) He may appear serious and shy, but once you develop a certain bond with him, you’ll discover that he can also be wild. Secretive lab na sa mga fans niyang chicks na Paulinians, Concordians, Thomasians, Dominicans, and celebrities like Donita Rose and Christina Gonzales. (Wow, bigat!) Engels just knows all the procedures and techniques especially in approaching the opposite sex. A fast traveling reptile in the swimming pool, talented, good-looking, can achieve almost anything, physically and mentally fit, possesses a photographic memory, habulin ng chicks, the BEST in the BAND! That’s Engels the Great, folks. What more can you ask?